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Imagination Fueled.    Creativity Sparked.    Stories Ignited.


We believe that the cinematic medium is the most effective way to tell any story. Being born in feature filmmaking drives us to inject affecting narrative, strong characters, and lasting imagery into every project. 


As brands have radically changed the way in which they tell their stories, we've worked with some of the industries’ leaders in developing and producing innovative content. We invite the challenge of compelling your audience with impactful content that resonates. 


We’re proud to have created and collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, growth stage start ups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational entities throughout our history.

Working With Some Nerve


The audience and critical reaction for “The Good Neighbor” was a key factor in securing distribution, and ultimately lead to a theatrical release.

The World Premiere took place at the prestigious SXSW Film Festival, a global event at which 150 films that were selected from more than 7,500 entrants are viewed over nine days.

Some Nerve's principals are executive producers of "The Good Neighbor," a thriller starring Academy Award Nominee James Caan.

Feature Filmmaking
The Good Neighbor - Official Trailer

The Good Neighbor - Official Trailer

Project Development


We value original ideas. The founders of Some Nerve Productions are thrilled to work with promising writers, concepts, stories and screenplays.

It is the policy of Some Nerve Productions to only review submitted material that is accompanied by a signed copy of our submission release form.


You may download our release here and e-mail a signed copy with your screenplay to or you may use the contact window below and we will e-mail you the release.

Download Submission Release Form

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Some Nerve Productions is an innovative destination for emerging artists. Working on napkin, on paper, and on screens large and small, the firm was created as a vehicle to incubate original ideas, facilitating development from concept to completion, in a wide variety of genres, mediums and industries. We strive to compel at every turn, navigating toward careers for new creators, and explosive returns for those who fuel the engine.  


We are continually seeking the right capital partners for upcoming projects, and to spur continued corporate growth. To learn how you can be a part of Some Nerve's team, get in touch with us at:

Fred Gundry

Managing Partner


For Investors


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