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July. 10, 2017 - Ballston, Virginia. Some Nerve Productions has entered into a co-development partnership with Key Bridge Creative. The multi-year development and financing deal will cover feature film projects across a variety of genres. The partnership is structured to capitalize and expand on the resources and experiences of two of Washington D.C.'s premiere upstart media companies.


"LA and New York have historically gotten all the attention," said Raj Sagar, principal of Some Nerve Productions. "With this partnership, our firms' collective aim is to work with emerging artists and local business leaders to further the region's position as a hallmark source of high quality cinematic productions, as well as attractive financial opportunities for the local investor community."


Some Nerve Production's principals previously produced the 2016 film "The Good Neighbor," starring Academy Award nominee, James Caan. The film debuted at the prestigious South by Southwest Film festival, and ultimately was distributed by Vertical Entertainment via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and iTunes.


"This deal marks a large moment in the evolution of Key Bridge Creative," said founder and principal, Khris Baxter. "This partnership was put together with the mentality that many of the great technology incubators have been--We are focused on developing talented screenwriters, and working on local projects, with strategic partners."


An industry veteran, Mr. Baxter has spent the last two decades as a producer, scriptwriter and screenplay consultant on projects of a variety of budget sizes. Khris has additionally served as an adjunct professor at Gettysburg College, Queens University of Charlotte, and Liberty University. 


"We are excited to work with Key Bridge Creative to bring some of the lessons we've learned on studio driven, Hollywood productions in the past, to more accessible, narrative driven, character pieces," said Jeff Currier, principal of Some Nerve Productions. 


"We believe that there is no shortage of great storytellers, and that there are more avenues to compelling content than ever before,” said Fred Gundry, principal at Some Nerve Productions. "The market place has validated that recently with pictures like Moonlight, Get Out, Spotlight, and others,"


The principals of Some Nerve Productions previously worked on pictures such as “Argo,” “Philomena,” and “Captain America II,” as well as with large, global brands such as Johnson and Johnson, International Delight, and Benzac.

Media Contact:; Raj Sagar, 703.999.5654

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